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Opinionated Oppression

To borrow a few words I saw somewhere, I don’t quite remember where, a lot of people want to be creative or try new things. Most of these things require other people’s approval and for that reason alone that urge to be creative or to try new things will die out. For a lot of us, our whole lives we have grown up not having to care what others really think of us except for our parents and close relatives it hasn’t mattered. Suddenly you have to do something where the value of that thing is completely at the mercy of the opinions of other people? I don’t know about you man but for me that’s difficult. Some of you are so talented, have great personalities and are hilarious and handle yourselves well. Just putting yourselves out there would do you a lot of good. But fear man,fear of other people’s opinions is stopping you. I recently had to deal with this and I found it’s beneficial to have people whose opinions I cared nothing about to rate what I did, of course some friends also got to do just that but at the end I valued the opinions of those whose opinions used to mean nothing to me. So you see it’s not impossible, I hope you don’t find it too difficult if you ever find yourself in such a position.


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