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Saving the Stanley Way.

Alright people welcome to my blog. For my first post I’m going to make it about something quite simple but mostly difficult to do or maintain.

Saving, yes saving, it’s supposed to be something that’s easy to do and supposed to be widely practised. However most people do not save for reasons unknown or for lack of discipline or blatant disregard. Most people these days have a lot of things they want and can’t afford to get, some have the luxury of asking parents for said things others however, resort to more nefarious ways. The idea is to be able to purchase what you want when you want it. But here lies the case where you can’t purchase it now because you can’t afford it, you also can’t ask your parents to get it for you, so what do you do ? The correct answer is to save and buy it, I have no idea what some of you were thinking.I’ll outline a few ways to save or to make it easier, of course it’ll be from my personal experiences so there’ll be room for you to modify it and make it work for yourself.

First we’ll take the simple way to save.

Dividing your daily expenses into 4 portions and putting 1/4 of it away. A general problem with this approach is where to put that 1/4 portion, well you can put it somewhere you won’t have easy access to it if you’re not strong willed enough to control yourself. A savings account at the bank would be a smart choice but let’s face it most of us are lazy and don’t want to go all the way to a bank so try putting it into your mobile money account. That’s not all, some of you purposely put money in there to spend it, so it’s best to get a third party app and then put the portion of the money you want to save in it. Try expressPay, I’ll leave my referral link just in case you want to go right ahead and download it.

Well that’s how I do it but not the only way I do it but then again I’m me, try to come up with a way that will help you, I surely hope this helps you do just that.


One response to “Saving the Stanley Way.”

  1. Great!Thanks for sharing😊


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