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Valentine’s Day IS NOT FAIR

Personally I could not be bothered,everyone that’s in love that’s a beautiful thing enjoy it while you have it. Valentine’s Day is literally a social construct, it’s just a way to wile people out of their money and by people I mean males. Yeah valentine’s is supposed to be about love or at least about showing it so why are guys the only ones showing up with great gifts or taking girls out on dinner dates or buying flowers. Now before you even think oh no you get your man stuff, what stuff are you getting him ? Boxers ? singlets ?, now this is funny I know. Where are the dinner dates and taking guys out on movie dates and all of that? Anyways that’s for the people in relationships, especially the ladies, do better for your guys. Now to the single people, the ladies especially, you’ve been single for 365 days give or take a few days, you’ve been screaming men are trash along with the general population for months but now that it’s a few weeks from valentine’s you’re mute ? You’ve been waiting 2 to 3 business days before replying to guys that are clearly interested in you but suddenly you’re giving timely replies ? It’s just sad for you lot that’s going through this stuff. It’s obvious she wants a date, valentine’s is coming and she needs to be out on a date otherwise she’ll look miserable or unwanted and God forbid that, she’ll even go out with someone she doesn’t like just to be out or get gifts on that day. Now I’m not saying all you ladies are like that but I’m saying there’re a lot like that. If a girl’s actions have now changed towards you, don’t think it’s because she’s finally into you, do not fall for it. Let’s leave this on a high note, so if the only way to celebrate Valentine’s Day was to have ladies take guys out, treat them to nice meals or take them to the cinema and whatever you lot usually do for them. Do you think we’d still be celebrating valentine’s?


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