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Boys really lose track of themselves for a time in life and not all of us get back on track. We discover girls and from then on girls becomes a sort of end goal we want to and need to reach, everything we do for a period of time will be because of girls. To acquire them, to befriend them, to take advantage of them.

Some of us quickly find out that it’s not all candy and unicorns or fun and games. We learn a lot of unhealthy behaviors in our pursuits. We never bother to even try to put the girls on pause because at that point they’ve become a necessity. We later find out that we’re not only there to play a part for them but to struggle in our lives to make theirs easier.

It’s saddening because it isn’t easy to be with a girl otherwise. Bitterness builds quickly if you’re not careful. You must stop to find yourself, build yourself, you must never stop. The world isn’t fair and you will discover that a little too late if you’re single minded in your pursuit of girls and when you do you’ll let your foot off the accelerator on pursuing girls. A girl doesn’t complete you. She’s merely an advantage to an already advantageous life. She’s an enhancer. She’s not the reason you’re alive. You’re the reason you’re alive. She doesn’t make the party fun, you make it fun for her to be in. You’ll become bitter because you didn’t know enough about girls, you didn’t know how to interact with them yourself. It’s something you were told growing up by people who didn’t really know either. You can either accept the truth and change or stay the same and sink, make the best of your life as far as girls are concerned (red pill) or continue to wallow away in self pity (blue). Yes that was a Matrix reference. But the one thing you must remember is girls aren’t ever really the problem in your life. You are.

You must recognize girls merely exist. You need to re-assess your opinion of them and how you interact with them. When you understand even a little about them, it becomes impossible to be angry with them or yourself because you know they’ll do whatever girls do. You will love them though, as unnecessary as they are to the betterment of your life you’ll still love them regardless.


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