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Road to FIFA

FIFA has become a household game that’s played by almost every male in the world. See I said “almost”, I was once among those that didn’t play. Anyone that knows me well enough to know my gaming history knows sports games aren’t my cup of tea. You see peer pressure yh it’s a crazy thing. Never been one to get carried away by it but for an avid gamer like me it was difficult to find myself in every gathering of gamers and not being able to join the fun because they all had a preference for fifa over many other competitive games.

Took a great many number of years but in 2019 I finally began my journey to getting good enough at this soccer game. As you can imagine, prior to me deciding to actually learn how to play properly I lost every time I played with my friends. So in the beginning of my journey I decided to play against and learn from the best players I knew. One of which lives with me at home and consistently hands me defeat after defeat every time we play(to this day I’m still losing).

After a whole year of losing I began winning when I tried playing against other people. Initially I played on the defensive in futile attempts to at least not lose too badly, then gradually went on to playing with the sole intention of winning. It’s been a rough journey and I’m not as good at it as I want to be but I’m on my way there. Proof of that is playing against people who were really good at scoring me in fifa and feeling so satisfied since now I can basically force them to play defensively as I once did and then after a split second lapse on their part, I sprint off and load goals into their nets.

Finding all my friends who won against me in the past and handing them defeats as they once did to me is so much fun even though it’s purely a revenge run, it’s working wonders for my ego though. Still a long list of them left but one by one I’ll decimate them all.


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