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If you’re under the impression that you have a better chance of reaching or doing something before or better than the next person then you’re probably privileged. Many people are privileged but that doesn’t guarantee supremacy over the average person. You’d be surprised, most privileged people are quite lazy. Most if not everything a privileged person has is by virtue of their parents and or the environment they grew up in. You did nothing to become privileged you were just lucky if you’re a believer in luck, otherwise we can say by the grace of God. Choosing to acknowledge your privilege isn’t a natural thing and some often live trying to deny it. It’s an exercise in futility however to open up about your problems to someone who imagines you have some privilege they don’t. Instead of sympathy, you’ll only breed contempt and disgust. They’ll imagine you’re better off so why are you complaining ? What they fail to realize is though privilege makes life easier in some cases it often comes with its own set of problems. Problems you’ll often know nothing about. I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how great a person’s life looks to you or how easy you know they have it, there’re always problems or challenges they face.


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