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The infamous pdf, the greatest treasure that can be bestowed upon a man. It is a birthright but one only the strong can obtain or at least the severely broken-hearted. It contains the various ways to protect yourself, your heart and your wallet from the creatures known as the female species. The purpose of the pdf is to liberate niggas from settling for crumbs and give them a sense of self worth. This includes efficient ways to move to these beautiful devils. In the past no one man held the entire pdf and one would argue even now no one holds it in it’s entirety but in this day and age one can certainly possess a sizable portion. On the first page we have excerpts like “girls want you to have a heart so they can break it get rid of it g” , “It’s a cruel world we’re in. Shε w’akoma shin guard” , “If you don’t aim for a peng ting, then you’re aiming for a dead ting”. With the all time essential being “the guy going above and beyond is never the one she likes so don’t be that guy”. The pdf teaches the way of the superior man. Are you gnashing ? Find the pdf. Is your girl cheating on you ? Find the pdf. Have you been caught cheating ? You know what to do.


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