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Ideology is attractive to you people and most of you don’t even know what it is. You cling to it because it saves you from having to know, reason and form conclusions on your own. This is because someone already told you what you wanted to know and what you should do. Take Karma as an example, karma is based on the idea of reincarnation. Stating that one’s deeds in this life will affect them in the next. You’ll find that a great number of people who are Christians, believers in a religion that doesn’t allow the belief in life after death except the judgement by our maker, make it make sense. Then we have zodiac signs otherwise known as divination of the stars, another contradictory belief to that of Christianity and yet here you people are trying to blend two opposing religious beliefs to suit your own agendas. You’d know these things if you bothered to read about them but you heard it once somewhere in the past and accepted it without learning about it. Even now that you’re older and seemingly wiser you refuse to do so because you’re firm in your ignorance simply because you’re too stubborn or lazy to read using the internet also known as the most common and expansive resource of information that has ever existed.


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