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B: The beginning

Like all superheroes I have an origin story, except I see myself as a villain so let’s say a super villain origin story. I’m messing around. I’ve written quite a number of blog posts but I’ve never really written about how or why I started blogging in the first place. The origin story of how this happened is akin to Batman begins, you’ll know this if you’re an avid movie person if not too then sorry. Being able to share information about who you are, your journey to becoming that person, and how that can benefit the reader( I don’t really care how it benefits the reader) is usually what blogging is all about. Using words in a creative or interesting way to offer your readers enough information with which they can paint a picture of what you want to put across is supposed to be a testament to how good I am as a writer, however I’m not a writer, not in the traditional sense at least. Blogging is my outlet, a hobby, something I do when my mind drifts and I can’t indulge in sharing those thoughts with a particular person. It becomes a broadcast of sorts to whoever wants to read. A dive into who I am and what I think on some issues. Casually writing about what I like or what strokes my fancy at any given time is how my blog works. It’s not supposed to be perfect and it’s not a job. It’s the embodiment of freedom for me as a person. Freedom to do what I want, think how I want and approach things how I want(within reason of course). If you’re still waiting for a grand story of how I was motivated to start writing blogs it doesn’t exist, I just had a random urge to write about saving money one day because I felt a lot of my peers needed it and didn’t want to repeatedly elaborate how I saved so I wrote it as a blog post and just threw it at whoever wanted to read it. So far it’s been extremely fun. If somehow you’ve managed to keep up with my posts, you’d have an idea of my intriguing (that’s a lie) and free flowing personality( I like freedom too much lol).


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