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I am vengeance

“I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman” famous words said by my favorite hero. A new Batman trailer was released recently and it gave us fans a glimpse of what to expect. Looks to be a very exciting new movie that comes out next year.Yes Batman, the rich guy who dresses up like a bat and goes around beating criminals to the point they wish they were dead. That Batman happens to be my favorite normal superhero. I say normal because he has no powers well he does have some unfair advantages though, he’s super smart and rich. He has plenty toys too, a nice car we call the bat mobile, very sexy piece of hardware he drives while playing many men by 50 cent on his way to beat niggas. A utility belt that looks very nice on him by the way, on which he keeps many of his other smaller toys that he uses to preserve peace. He’s basically a peace keeper. First of all if you haven’t seen the dark knight trilogy, what are you doing? Go and see it right now. I give you 24 hours. That’s the most faithful and grounded set of Batman movies in existence. Start from the top. Three films that made me believe a man who could, you know, not fly, but do cool stuff was the most badass hero of them all. His use of different means to fulfil the objective of striking fear into his intended targets is one thing but his skill in become a symbol of fear itself is amazing. Before you shout at me for liking a hero whose bread and butter is pure violence and terrifying people just try to hear me out. I do not condone the use of violence( except when absolutely necessary) and it’s very necessary in that fictional Gotham city where Batman lives. The most compelling part of why I like Batman is the relatability of his life( to an extent) because I’m not a billionaire yet, is that it is a tale of an absolutely normal person by standards of general society, who after a string of unfortunate circumstances , condemned himself as the guardian of a broken society. We all know and widely understand that one big bad situation can break you and determine how your life goes for the foreseeable future. I’m deviating to reality now(sorry) I just like Batman he’s a cool hero albeit fictional and you would too if you watched the dark knight trilogy at the very least.


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