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Life comes at you fast

This phrase is often said in a jovial manner or is used when jokes are flying at a serious matter. Often when someone says they’d never do something in the past and find themselves doing exactly what they said they’d never do. There’s a not so popular habit young Ghanaians have of laughing whenever something serious happens. The only comprehensive explanation you can get for this behavior is if we don’t laugh we’ll cry and even that is said as a joke. At a point, life will become very mundane and if care is not taken your mind will drift to some very negative thoughts which will overcome you easily if you’re not careful. You’ll start pondering over some of your past mistakes then your chest all dey pain you. That’s the perfect time for your mind to point you to your peers who look like they have their lives together and are making major moves to accomplish great things. If this thought process gets a hold of you you’re in big trouble. Every night the moment you get lost in thought you go start dey question your body, “what is the difference between me and …?” ego over you ankasa. That’s where the life comes at you fast line will start ringing in your head as you start thinking about a whole bunch of things that will disturb you. Your mind will basically take you for a ride and it is then you’ll see who’s really in charge.Of course, it’s your mind and you can tell it what to think, or so you think. Everyone handles this part differently but one thing that should apply to everyone is that it’s never too late. No matter what problem is causing you to think that life is coming at you, it’s never too late to find solutions and if solutions can’t be found, please find the strength to let it go.


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