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Make Up Galore

Now ladies, some of you look gorgeous in make up, absolutely sexy creatures and some of you too hm I prefer not to speak on it. Now on to the the guys, have you ever had to sit through a girl doing her make up before ? Crazy scenes o. I’d definitely choose to get where we’re going and wait rather than sit through a make up application session. You’re seeing a girl applying all these things to her face and you know at the end of it all she’s going to look absolutely peng. This especially applies to the girls that look attractive even without the make up on and they’re applying it ? You just know you’re stepping out with one goddess as your plus one. Now make no mistake it doesn’t change how absolutely scary it is watching her put on that make up. Setters and primers and foundations and all of that. Herh no be small skill and dedication o. Ever seen how they draw the eye brows ? They look like one witch under a spotlight. At some point they put the colors on their face in some weird patterns and you can’t help but think wakanda forever but if you open your mouth to say it you’re dead. When it gets to the point where you see the changes happening for the better you’re like “wow what kind of deception is this ?” because if you didn’t know what this girl looks like without make up you’d have been proper deceived if you met her for the first time in make up. The most trying part is right when you think they’re done, they start adding more layers. When will this end ? will definitely cross your mind. How many layers more, Lord how many more left ?! Is the prayer that will fly out of you into the heavens. When they are finally done yh, you’ll forget all the annoyance too because the deception will finally be complete. You will be looking at her like you’ve seen an angel and you won’t even notice she’s wasting more time because the selfies are now about to start. At the end of all this you’ve still got a pretty girl to hit the streets with and a fun time to have. Ladies we appreciate you, you’re all beautiful in your own ways but please if make up is not for you don’t force it shalom.


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